Scholar-Athlete Wayne Lyons

Scholar-Athlete Wayne Lyons
2011 Army All-American

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lyons Virtual Book Club

Join Wayne Lyons' Virtual Book Club!!!!
Pick Up Anything and Read To Yourself!!! every Tuesday and Thursday night
9:00-9:30pm then comment and/or discuss on my facebook: Wayne virtualbookclub Lyons what book/magazine/article you are reading, what chapters or title you read, what stood out to you. Lets Go Get 'Em!!! Join Today!!!


  1. If you want to "do everything and never do less", there's no other place to be than Notre Dame. You'll become the best you can be in every respect of your life: athletically, intellectually and in the realm of service to your community. It takes an incredibly special individual to be a Notre Dame football player. Can you do it?

  2. Young brother Wayne, why did you choose E. Lynn Harris books for the book club? There are other authors who have adopted healthy lifestyles that you can read. I would recommend "Two Thousand Seasons" by Ayi Kwei Armah which is an allegorical novel on African History and "Forty Million Dollar Slaves" by William Rhoden. You may wish to have a family one day where you can role model a thriving household with a harmonious relationship between husband and wife. E.Lynn Harris will lead you away from that goal.