Scholar-Athlete Wayne Lyons

Scholar-Athlete Wayne Lyons
2011 Army All-American

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lyons Mentoring Middle School Students

Monthly I visit middle school students at Attucks Middle School, speaking to them about getting their education, staying out of trouble and peer pressure. A lot of the boys love for me to come so they can ask questions about football, my offers and if I have decided on a college. Of course many of them have their favorites that they feel I should select. Many talk to me about how I balance school and sports. One in particular asked if I would tutor him and help him develop better study habits, yes, he is my favorite because he wants to do better. I am so blessed to have the abilities to reach out to these guys and assist them.
Being dual enrolled allows me the flexibility to visit during school hours, so I have a chance to assist them with work they are working on while the teacher is explaining it to them. So it really works out nice. The principal, Ms. Carle Shaw is really nice and I am grateful she has opened her school to me, giving me the opportunity to work with the students.

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